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Couple counselling is a type of psychotherapy for married or established couples who wish to resolve problems in their relationships. In couple counselling, the client is the relationship itself, rather than the individual spouses.  This is based on research showing that individuals and their problems are best handled within the context of their relationship.

There are many reasons couples seek out support, including:

  • Communication difficulties and dealing with transitions
  • Different expectations and values
  • Navigating conflict and conflict resolution
  • Intimacy challenges – including sexual intimacy
  • Infidelity
  • Neurodiversity challenges in the relationship
  • Not meeting each other’s needs
  • Children and parenting difficulties (including blended family)
  • Dealing with financial stress 
  • Drug and alcohol abuse, trauma and mental health
  • Relationship violence
  • Boredom / growing apart

Couple-to-couple counselling model has a high success rate when it integrates Emotional Focused Therapy. Over 75% of distressed clients are able to move into recovery by fostering their attachment in healthier, more productive ways.

counselling services

face to face therapy for couples

Couple to couple counselling in Spanish and English from our practice in Sydney, Australia.

online couple marriage therapy

Couple to couple counselling in Spanish and English via our secure video conferencing platform.

text therapy for couples

Counselling support for couples who prefer to access help via (asynchronous) text.


1 %
success rate of EFT-focused counselling
1 %
reported Improved ability to problem solve after counselling
1 %
the rate of couples who split after insight-oriented therapy
average number of counselling sessions for positive change


My wife and I were considering divorce, and came to Max and Tatiana as our last resort.  We have noticed a big improvement in our relationship since we started counselling – we’ve learned to understand each other better, and can handle discussions we couldn’t handle before.   Max and Tatiana are competent therapists who know what it takes to make a relationship work.

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Jhon & michelle

'Used with permission , not their real names'

Since starting the counselling process we have been doing much better as a couple; at least now we can be in the same room without getting into conflict.   The sessions that we had with Tatiana and Max have had a positive impact on us.  We know we still have a little bit to go, but we feel confident that with the support we are receiving we will continue working on and improving our relationship.

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Kelly & Joe

'Used with permission , not their real names'

She wanted out and I didn’t.  A few weeks later it was me who wanted out.  We were going around in circles, fighting and hurting each other all the time.  It was not easy to accept we needed help – but investing in Let Love Happen has been the best decision and investment for our marriage.  Highly recommended.

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Alba & josh

'Used with permission , not their real names'

couples who seek help early have increased chances of success

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