Throughout our years of professional experience as individual, family and couple counsellors, as well as our own personal experience as a married couple, we realised there were gaps in the couple counselling support offered out there. Our way is fresh, innovative but most importantly effective.  The simple answer is that the world is rapidly changing and traditional therapy has not kept up with the times.

Apart from working as co-therapist team bringing the female and male perspective, we have incorporated coaching to our therapy methods. With tried and tested techniques and accountability built in, we ensure our couples are not just heard and feel understood and validated, but also implement the strategies and are equipped to create the change they need in their relationship.  We strongly believe couple therapy should be provided by a couple therapist team.

Every couple is different.  Some couples choose to only invest in a basic support plan (few sessions) to help them get unstuck or strengthen the current positive state of their marriage.  Others invest in longer lasting treatment goals (our signature couple support program).

During assessment, we will discuss your needs and expectations and share a recommended plan and process.

Couple counselling helps you rebuild a foundation of trust and safety to begin to take the risk of changing old patterns by doing new things.  At Let Love Happen, we create an atmosphere of safety from which to begin addressing the issues in your relationship a non-judgemental, trusting and safe way.  Forming new dynamics takes time to practice, and often there are moments of relapse into old patterns.  We will support you through these slips and prepare you for them by establishing a maintenance plan to ensure change for your future. 

Our approach incorporates counselling to address the past and often the root of the problems – but also coaching, which is more goal oriented and will help you restore quicker. 

Let Love Happen may be right if you or your partner may be considering divorce but still have hope on your relationship, if you are looking to improve the quality of your relationship and/or work on any of the barriers that get in the way of your relationship’s peace, happiness and love. 

Whether you and your partner face sexual problems – affairs -communication issues or inability to deal with conflict, remember that there is always hope and we are here to help.

It is rare when a couple shows up for counselling when their problems are just starting to form. More often, couples have been dealing with problems in their relationship for 6 to 7 years before deciding to finally start relationship counselling. This means that both people are feeling hopeless and discouraged that anything will help them at all.

Clients presenting for couple counselling are rarely expert problem solvers across all areas of their relationship/lives.   When you are the one inside of the problem, it can feel so huge and daunting after trying to fix it on your own with every solution you had imagined.

The self-paced program in our resources section may be appropriate first steps to repair your relationship without the need for couple therapy – provided the challenges are moderate.  If you are dealing with long-term and/or more serious problems, we recommend you consider our signature program that combines couple therapy and coaching.

Every couple will have their own needs and agenda therefore they have different journeys. From our experience in working with couples, the average number of months required to achieve transformation in the relationship and enable couples to work through their differences in a loving and peaceful manner is 4 months –  when choosing one of our comprehensive support programs.
Some couples will encounter a quicker journey and may only need as few as 2 months of support, while others take more time and it can take up 6 months.

Both partners need to have the desire (or at least the willingness) to work on their relationship.  If a partner is forced into the therapy process this may cause more harm than positive outcomes. For the process to be effective, each partner has to be willing to give the therapy process a go.  Let Love Happen works with couples where both parties are willing to commit to work on their relationship.

The first step into our process is a complementary Relationship Assessment session with counsellors Max and Tatiana. This session aims to identify your relationship needs, and confirm which program and approach is the best suited for you and your partner.


Once you choose your couple support plan and process payment, we will work with you to find the best time and frequency to hold the sessions. We use a calendar that by default is set to the Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) time zone.  This calendar can be easily adjustable to your local time.

If you are having any trouble converting your time to book your appointment please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Please refer to the following page for information about our privacy and confidentiality policy.

Privacy and Confidentiality – Let Love Happen


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