Programs for couples


Created for couples who are ready and committed to the healing process, our Comprehensive Couples Counselling & Coaching Program includes a full set of  counselling sessions by our co-therapist team, together with over 20 specific, tailored repair plans to decisively deal with your relationship pain points.


This program defines our re-imagined approach to relationship help:  counselling sessions are important and necessary,  but these work best when led by a male and female  team for a balanced perspective, and when they are complemented by outside-the-sessions assigned work that is engaging, creative and informed by results.


We guarantee you will love each other much more than you do now by the end of this program.

intensive couple support program

Resilient Relationships® Program - self paced option

Based on our integrative counselling model, Resilient Relationships® is a 9-week, self-directed program with one couple coaching/therapy included at the start to set you off with the best chance of success.


This program is  designed to help couples repair or significantly improve their relationship.  Created with flexibility in mind, it includes fortnightly live Q&As and is a popular option for couples whose relationship troubles are mild or moderate, and who are comfortable learning and applying tools on their own. 

relationships helo

Relationship mentoring®

We offer an ongoing relationship mentoring service for couples who have completed either our Comprehensive Couple Support Program or the Resilient Relationship Program®.

This support service helps to consolidate the strategies learned through either program, and to preserve the positive changes you have achieved.

Many of our couples tell us they appreciate the maintenance and accountability that mentoring offers –  comparing it to a gym membership to strengthen their emotional fitness.

marriage relationship gym

mindfulness for couples® Program

Mindfulness exercises that grow your ability to notice and truly accept each other, be more fully engaged, and practice compassion and acceptance. It includes over 10 mindfulness for couples practices – from beginners to intermediate all the way to advanced.


The practices are delivered via a dedicated platform and portal, with individual workbooks and step-by-step guides for each practice. This is an excellent and effective resource for couples who need to increase  their connection, intimacy and trust.


Mindfulness for couples


A tailored application based on your specific relationship strengths and areas of development, designed to enhance your connection and meet each other’s needs easily through customised guidance and education.

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